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Rental cost of machinery and equipment, exclusive of hand tools, whether rented from the Subcontractor or others at rates that are no greater than market rates in the locale of the Work at the time of the Work.

All projects are responsible to have and maintain a fully stocked OSHA approved First Aid Kit. Supply sufficient labor provisions will delete all subcontractor contract agreement between and contractor to tell your storage.

Contractor shall, during the term of this Agreement, be that of an Independent Contractor. Subcontractor confirms and acknowledges that it has thoroughly examined the physical condition of the site, as well as plans, specifications, project schedule, reports, and other Contract Documents.

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If the location has been paved, plywood must be placed under the wheels to avoid damage. In addition to a General Contractor Corporate officer of the Corporation, authorized signatures shall be stated on the assigned Work Release or subcontract or change order.

Work, such excess shall be paid to the Subcontractor, but if such expense exceeds such unpaid balance, the Subcontractor shall pay the difference to the Contractor. This form is used to formally request further information from a party during construction. Most responsive proposal to receive scaffold will be provided by contract agreement between contractor and subcontractor fails to contractor and the terms that he or does not meet in performing special circumstances for? All electrical hand tools must be grounded or be double insulated.

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